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Branding, UX/UI Design, Web Development

Rebranding, visual identity production and website development for a calisthenics based gym.

Sthenos is a calisthenics based gym that offers great workouts mainly using body weight. The initial challenge was to actually build their website to feature their classes, exercise library, online courses and a whole lot more, as they had a good following and were growing, but since they had no clear branding (or rather they had a logo, a good tone of voice, but no consistent visuals), the focus soon shifted to a rebrand, which allowed the creation of a new logo and the ecosystem in which it could live in.

As we talked over the course of weeks and a deeper understanding of who they are evolved, it was clear that they promote a tight knit community and inspire people to level up in order to become better, so the visuals had to evoke power and be motivating, finding a balance to cater to everyone who is committed to becoming better.

Freelance + Partnership with Boop Collective





Pen & Paper








Main Logo

Icon Collection

Billboard made for the interior of the gym
Billboard made for the interior of the gym - King Cali is a concept they already had that was pretty fun to explore

Sthenos Cali Cartel T-Shirt for men (Photo © Sthenos)
Sthenos x Calistenia T-Shirt for women (Photo © Sthenos)
Sthenos Standard Hoodie for men (Photo © Sthenos)
Sthenos Gym Top for women (Photo © Sthenos)

Closeup of Sthenos Hoodie
Closeup of T-Shirt variation for Sthenos/Calistenia Portugal partnership

Since they are very active on social media, post/story templates were mandatory. Therefor, after the initial batch of posts and stories was developed, they could sustain their communications.

Instagram's Profile Picture
Instagram's Story Template - Pricing Table

For the website, we had a team of three (from the Boop Collective) in which I lead the UX Design and handled the front-end layout/styling. The process started with the wireframing to get us and the client on the same page. It then evolved to high-fidelity mockups and after everything was aligned, the coding began. There was a lot going on, so getting everyone in sync was crucial to avoid problems down the line.

We took the modern cues from the visual identity and expanded them into pages that flowed, breaking the grid, using both huge and small type, topping them off with shadings to bring visual interest.


The initial branding included visual suggestions for the photographic style, and their photographer did an awesome job delivering photos that fitted the brand perfectly and remained visually consistent. We took great care in order to deliver an inspiring website which hosted all they needed to continue on their growth path. This included some interesting design choices, such as a visual indicator for which bodypart the exercise/lesson affects and custom ring images to represent each pack they sold

Bodypart graphic for each exercise and lesson
Lesson's 1 to 5 rating graphic
Custom images for each pack they sold

Course Detail Page

Subscription Page

Exercise Detail Page

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