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Patas & Co.


Branding project for a cool group of people focused on making people’s dogs have a better life, by offering walks, training, baths and tips.

Patas & Co. was born to unify two successful brands with complementary services. To have a successful merge, they decided it was best to make a brand that visually departed from both of the brands that were being merged.

The main challenge was how to create a logo and visual identity that resonated with them by being fun, professional, light and empathetic, all in perfect harmony. They had two main concerns that needed to be addressed: How will this new look translate to social media communications and how will the storefront look like. So, after our informative kick-off meeting, the fun begun.




Pen & paper




Patas & Co. is all about outdoors, and what better way to evoke the feeling of the outdoors than using colors of nature - the sky, the grass and the dirt, using typography in a twisting, off-track road-like manner. Everything combined meant visuals that had movement and were lively in a relaxed kind of way, complemented by colorful abstract liquid shapes to spice up the brand’s communications.

Color Scheme

Showcasing the application of their tagline: "Here, dogs come first"

Feature Post
Service Post

Storefront decoration

Dog trainer's Sweatshirt
Sweatshirt's front view

Totem bags

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