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Movimento Famílias Solidárias


Logo and visual identity for a non-profit that helps families in need.

During one of the most difficult times in recent history, the rainbow appeared as a symbol of hope. At that time, the hearts of many families united under a movement, to help the families in need.

This project came during the COVID era, when they were finding people who could donate goods and delivering those to families that truly needed them. Since they were in need of some sort of way to identify the movement, it was the perfect way to help these awesome people making this world a better place while pushing some cool visuals out there.




Pen & paper



Logo animation

Logo concept

Flyer design

Sign to identify the place where the donations are being gathered.
Donation bags

In order to further reinforce the physical presence of the movement and as a token of appreciation, some pins were made to give to the families that join the cause and donate goods. These pins were divided in the 5 brand colors and a different heart shape was assigned to each color, as a way to show a very specific concept of the movement, in which 1 family is helped with the donations from 5 different families, as to not overburden one specific donator.

Pin Collection
Pin Closeup

Volunteer's Shirt

Facebook Cover

Social Media Post

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