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Dynamic Signage Templates

Web Development

Development of several animated dynamic templates to replace video promos in traveling agencies.

A need to quickly update traveling promos for an undisclosed traveling agency came up and since editing and exporting video projects was taking up too much time, we started developing HTML templates where the clients could edit the promo fields directly, select an image and have the output ready to import to the digital signage system as soon as they wanted.

My task was to retrieve the templates made in video and convert them to code, being extremely meticulous on the details, animation timings and easing, figuring out a way for short and long names to look great.
This templating system was then integrated in a full platform that the agency had access to and could edit at will.

BUU Design

Web Development






Editing system


The texts had to adapt to the layout, so nothing would be out of place and the template had to be ready for horizontal and vertical FullHD view, being exactly the same regardless of screen size.

Promo example in FullHD Horizontal
Promo example in FullHD Vertical
Promo example in FullHD Vertical Frames

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