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BUU 3D Character

3D Design

3D exploration, modelling and rigging of BUU, the character that is a physical manifestation of BUU Design, a design studio. In the end, the model even came to life through 3D printing, a new skill that was waiting to be tamed.

Abeit simple in concept, this was a project that will forever have a special place in the portfolio. The idea was to take the 2D BUU (mascot of the design agency), created by the very talented creative director Tiago Barros, and bring it to the 3D world, where it could pose better and have more presence. This was the first time ever picking up 3D tools for me, so i took any nugget of knowledge our 3D in-studio master had and used it to my best ability.

In the end, BUU really came to life via 3D printing (also the first time experimenting with such a thing) and after a lot of trial and error, patience and polishing, every member of the team got one, with different expressions of course!

BUU Design

3D Design


Cinema 4D





BUU in 3D
2D version

Hand Closeup
Eye Closeup
Mouth Closeup

Now that we had the BUU in 3D, rigging could begin so that we could use BUU however we saw fit. Soon came the experiments to have BUU in all sorts of poses to give off different vibes. Other ideas soon followed.

After perfecting the final 3D shape, another unknown hurdle could begin: 3D printing. There was not a lot of knowledge about 3D printing in the whole agency and we did a few mistakes and blunders but soon found a way to get to the imagined final outcome. Amid the failed experiments was an unsandable BUU and even a melted BUU (which was converted to a cool little mummy).

Melted BUU turned mummy. Yeah... it doesn't look too happy to have melted.

Making of - Sanding, priming, painting and finishing the 3D printed BUUs

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