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Bubbly Creatures

Branding, UX/UI Design, Web Development (3.0)

NFT brand development, collectibles creation and website development for the creatures to have a place to call home.

It all started with a simple creative exploration during a difficult time: "Model a sphere with ears to make a friendly bear". A bear asked for a cat and a cat for a bird and soon, a whole collection existed and I couldn't just leave them unattended... a name had to unite them and so, the "Bubbly Creatures" were born.

Since NFTs were on the rise, the challenge became how to work the brand and online presence to catch the wave, in hopes that the Bubbly Creatures bring as much joy and positive feelings to other people as they did to me when creating them.

Website: www.bubbly-creatures.com

Personal Project





Pen & paper

Cinema4D & Octane

Premiere & After Effects








Logo animation

Logo exploration

Some of the bubblies

The idea was to keep a common element among all bubblies and, alongside the spherical shape, the element chosen were the eyes. But it went way beyond a name, a logo and recognizable collectibles. A cheerful, positive and playful tone of voice was crafted and a whole online presence was built: website, rarible, twitter and instagram accounts. Lots of images came along with that, to flesh out the communications.

Website's Homepage

Closeup of next drop teaser image
Closeup of step 4 of "how to buy" - You are ready to purchase

Website's Collectibles Page

Website's About Page

The animations always feel like some sort of secret sauce, and these were insanely fun to build. The idea was to bring a sense of polished fun and smoothness all around, sprinkled with anime-like illustrations, to give a unique feel to the communications.

A website would not be complete without a custom 404 page

Contact Form hovering animation
Newsletter subscription sucess animation
No results were found (Collectibles) interaction

Header item hover animation
Next collectible hover animation

And of course that all these interactions lead to engaging emails, which have some pretty cool images! There are a few types of different emails of course, from wishing Happy Birthday to announcing a new Bubbly and just saying welcome when someone subscribes to the newsletter.

Some examples of the email templates, from left to right: 1. Next drop incoming; 2. Message received (from contact form); 3. Newsletter subscription confirmation.
Two of the email templates: 1. Next drop incoming; 2. Message received (from contact form).

To help build engagement and give some opportunities to directly interact with the bubblies, a simple game was constructed, which gives people the chance to win stuff if they participated and more stuff if they end up in the top ranks of the scoreboard.

It is a guessing game based on a riddle and to play the game, available for a short period of time before a bubbly is released, people need to connect their wallet. If they happen to have purchased a bubbly with that account, they get some extra bonus points in the games, how cool is that?!

The guessing game (demo, not an actual bubbly release)

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